Get More Than Just Cartridges with Infotone: Surprises and Prizes Included

UK-based Infotone, a print cartridge recycler and supplier, is known for surprising customers with gifts like wine, candy, iPods, and Nintendo DS consoles in every order. The company also holds monthly prize draws for customers, with past awards including trips to London, Florida, New York City, and even a brand new car.

With a newly opened office in Orlando, Florida, US customers can now expect the same level of generosity. Every purchase of a remanufactured print cartridge will come with a gift and entry into the monthly draw.

Infotone’s giveaways and prize draws demonstrate the company’s commitment to putting customers first, setting it apart from competitors and building strong customer relationships. In addition to providing ink and toner cartridges for various printers, photocopiers, and fax machines, Infotone offers a free recycling service for print cartridges, supporting sustainability efforts and reducing landfill waste.

The remanufactured print cartridges are made with 80% new components and are guaranteed to produce high-quality documents, with savings of up to 60% compared to other printer manufacturers. If you have unused or empty cartridges, Infotone will take them for recycling.

Maximize your savings and support sustainability with Infotone’s eco-friendly, customer-focused print cartridge solutions.

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