Are Firmware Updates for Office Printers Doing More Harm Than Good? Infotone Investigates.

As a printer cartridge manufacturer and supplier, Infotone has been investigating the impact of firmware updates on office printers, and the results are concerning.

Printer OEMs like HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung, and Brother have been releasing firmware updates that can cause unintended consequences for their customers, including issues with third-party ink or toner cartridges and disabling certain printer features.

At Infotone, we believe in providing solutions that help our customers get the most out of their printer without the need for firmware updates. Here are some tips for optimizing your printer’s performance:

  1. Use high-quality third-party ink or toner cartridges from Infotone, which are affordable, reliable and effective.
  2. Keep your printer clean and well-maintained, following recommended maintenance procedures to ensure optimal performance.
  3. Use the right paper for your printer, which can improve print quality and extend the life of your printer.

Infotone also offers a free cartridge recycling service that rewards customers for recycling their empty cartridges in an environmentally friendly way. By choosing Infotone for your printer cartridges and recycling your empty cartridges through our service, you can help reduce the environmental impact of printing and save money on your printing costs.

In conclusion, while firmware updates may seem like a quick fix for printer issues, they can often cause more harm than good. Instead, focus on optimising your printer’s performance through proper maintenance, high-quality supplies from Infotone, and our free cartridge recycling service. Choose Infotone for quality, value, and service in printer cartridges and recycling.

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